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Facial treatments for sensitive skin

Pamper your face with professional exfoliation and hydrating massages. Whether you need something for sensitive skin or need to combat the ill-effects of pollution, we have a solution for almost everything. Visit Charcoal Essential Therapy in Belfast for a personalised facial treatment that suits your skin. Our salon is convenient for those living in or around South West Belfast.


Our salon is a one-stop destination for beauty makeovers for both men and women. With us, you also get eyebrow treatments, lash extension, waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure and body massages.

Facial treatments

This deep cleansing treatment is a perfect introduction to Payot facials and is suitable for all skin types. It includes an enzyme based exfoliation followed by a gentle brightening mask, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, toned and glowing. After a hard days' work, Why not treat yourself? This is a great way to top off your day.


40mins - £30

Improve the appearance of ageing skin

Charcoal Essential Therapy is a brilliant choice for spa, beauty and personal care services in Belfast.

Charcoals' Clear Skin

Walk out feeling radiant and glowing with this express facial that uses a combination of orange sap water, honey, chestnut and sea algae extracts. Designed to refresh and rejuvenate, this nourishing facial restores elasticity, boosting the skins natural ability to stimulate collagen. Following a 20 minute 42 step massage, your skin is pampered further with a radiance mask of super fruits including acai berries, goji berries & pineapple extract. A fabulous treat!


40mins - £30

Charcoals' Solution Flash

A specifically soothing facial for truly sensitive skins which are prone to redness and irritation. Gentle, soothing, natural plant extracts and aromatherapy oils are used to nourish and hydrate your skin, helping to reduce any irritations and inflammation with the application of masque SOS to calm high colour. Our treatment will reduce sensitivity, leaving your skin calmed, nourished and comfortable.


60mins - £42

Charcoals' Sensitive SOS

This is an ultimate treatment to deep cleanse, purify, regulate and control oil production. It gives your skin a perfectly clear complexion and to encourages a natural restoration of skin's balance. This 20 minute 42-step massage is performed with an anti-bacterial preparation to treat the skin imperfections, purity and detoxify pores so they can breathe again. Your skin is left feeling matte, velvety and soft and with a glow that will leave you feeling happy and beautiful. Blemishes, dilated pores and a shiny nose are things of the past.  


60mins - £42

Charcoals' Purifying

Wash away stress and fatigue with this energising skin treatment designed to bring extra vitality and life back into your skin. Using rhyolite and luxury mineral oils, followed by  a rich calcium and magnesium self-warming mask, this treatment provides circulation to relax the skin and works to enhance surface restoration. This essential facial is suitable for all busy people on the go to restore energy and vigour. It helps your skin to regain its vibrancy, glow and health.


60mins £42

Charcoals' Energising

This superb treatment is a unique way to regain the resilience and the well-defined contours of younger skin. Using our range of excellent products this facial remodels and re-sculpts skin transforming it with a lasting youthful radiance. Nourishing proteins and omega 3 and 6 are used to give new volume and firmness. Microabrasion is employed to energise, refine and smooth the skin's surface, minimising pigmentation. The 20 minute 42-step massage lifts and tones the skin and muscles. Sit back and enjoy a complimentary hand or foot massage while aloe vera, Centalla asiatica and sea lettuce firms and tones. Its super cooling action temporarily tightens the skin through vascular contraction, leaving your skin tones and as good as new.


75mins - £45

Charcoals' Absolute Lift

Enjoy a luxury treatment that has a specific exfoliation ritual leaving your muscles relaxed and skin soft and supple, diminishing signs of aging or loss of radiance. Relax with a scalp massage while gold masque, enriched in hibiscus extract and sodium hyaluronate smoothens, pumps, re-hydrates and revitalises the skins' energy centres. The results are spectacular. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, facial contours are firmed and the skin is softer, more luminous and radiant.


75mins - £45

Charcoal' Signature Facial Perfect Experience

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Facial treatments to improve the appearance of ageing skin

The ultimate anti-ageing facial is ideal for those suffering from tired, lacklustre skin or visible signs of aging. Using our fine range of products we re-hydrate neglected skin to leave it looking radiant and fresh, reducing the appearance of fine lines. After the 42-step massage, a plumping mask is applied while you sit back and enjoy the relaxation of a hand or foot massage. Your skin feels relaxed, lighter and more radiant.


75mins - £45

Charcoals' Signature Facial Aha Peel Techi Liss Experience