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Simply male facial

Get a range of male grooming services that are essential to pull off the urban man look. From facials and mani-pedis to intimate waxing and eyebrow tidying services, our unisex salon is your one-stop destination for the complete beauty makeover. Visit Charcoal Essential Therapy in Belfast.

Simply male facial

Especially for men, this superb treatment combines our range of products to restore energy and vitality and relax the mind. Rhyolite is used with patchouli and oils to deep cleanse and refine skin whilst lifting ingrown hairs and smoothing irritations. This treatment leaves you feeling de-stressed and thoroughly fresh, clean and recharged.


60mins - £40

Look groomed and sophisticated every day

Do you need intimate waxing services? Visit our professional beauty salon for men and women.

Male Grooming

Male manicure

A relaxing and hydrating treatment designed just for him. It leaves his hands smooth and replenished. The treatment is finalised with adapted nail care fit for a gentleman.


30mins - £15

Male pedicure

Using natural aromas and therapeutic elements, this is a comprehensive treatment which properly cares for feet leaving them feeling groomed and refreshed.


45mins - £20

Male waxing and grooming

Mono brow / eyebrow tidy


Eyebrow tint (excellent coverage of those grey hairs)


Nasal wax hot wax


Ear wax inner and outer area hot wax






Just stomach


Back wax


Chest waxing


Back shoulder and upper arms


Full leg and feet


Full arm including hands and fingers


Intimate waxing

Our experienced staff will wax everything discreetly and professionally in our private treatment room. Please use codes when booking for intimate waxing.

Male bikini (all hairs removed from outside the line of normal briefs)

Male Brazilian (all hairs from pubic area, scrotum, base of penis, perineum crack, and bikini line)

Male Hollywood (as Brazilian, but all hairs are removed including bikini and buttocks)

Full buttocks (outside and perineum included)

Partial buttocks (outer cheeks only)

20mins - £15

code c 1

40mins - £40

code c 2

1 hour - £50

code c 3

35 mins - £25

code c 4

25 mins - £20

code c 5

In addition to all these treatments, we have a range of other services that are available for men on request. Our body treatments include warm bamboo massage, Cuccio manicures and pedicures and waxing and threading services. We also provide facial treatments, HD Brows treatment and eyelash extensions. Check out some of our gift vouchers and offers.


Visit Charcoal Essential Therapy today. We are based in Belfast and our services are convenient to those living in or near South West Belfast.

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Male grooming services


If you are having intimate waxing please note that you will need to get naked from the waist down. So you will need to leave your modesty outside the door. This is a professional salon, male grooming and nothing else. Please do not embarrass yourself by saying or doing anything inappropriate. If this should occur the treatment will stop and you will be charged for the full amount and reported to the police. We are a unisex salon and all other treatments featured in this brochure are available to male clients on request.