Massage treatments
by specialists

If you are looking for relaxing and soothing massages, get in touch with Charcoal Essential Therapy now. Based in Belfast, we serve customers across Belfast West, Lisburn, Lisburn Road and Dunmurry.

Relax and unwind

Are you searching for ways to de-stress after a long week? Visit Charcoal Essential Therapy in Belfast for a relaxing and revitalising massage using traditional techniques. Whether your tight muscles are caused by stress, exercise, injury, or simply sitting at the computer all day, a massage will melt away even your most stubborn knots and tension. Get in touch with us now for facial treatments and male grooming services.

We offer a range of massage treatments including:

Aroma body massage

The essential oils used in this treatment which include lavender, basil, and verbena will leave you feeling energised or relaxed according to your individual needs.

Fully body – 60 mins £35
Neck, back and shoulders – 30mins £25

Mother to be massage

What could be nicer during pregnancy than some tension relief for shoulders and lower back massage, some draining massage to alleviate swelling in hands and feet while your mind is relaxed in this complete smoothing experience, will be using safe and nourishing body oils to nourish and tone areas where the skin is most stretched. Emerge feeling indulgently pampered and floating on air.

60 mins – £40

Relaxing oil candle massage

This treatment creates sublime relaxation through its aroma and massage movements. Warm oil from the burning candle is poured over the body then massaged for an indulging and relaxing experience.

60 mins – £40

Advanced deep relaxation massage

This massage incorporates advanced techniques to reach the deeper layers of muscles and relieve tension. We can personalise the massage to concentrate on specific areas of concern. This thoroughly stimulating and recharging experience releases the body of all muscle stress.

60 mins – £40

Bamboo massage

The specialised massage technique uses silky bamboo canes throughout, to deeply stretch and massage the body. This unique massage releases muscle tension and tightness, improves the circulation and lymphatic flow to aid detoxification of the body and leaves the body feeling deeply relaxed.

60 mins – £40

Hot stone massage

This will ease those knots away with a combination of deep heat from basalt stones, relaxing body oils and a flowing massage that varies in pressure to follow your bodies needs a wonderful treatment that goes beyond the physical experience of a regular massage.

Full body – 90 mins £50

Back area – 45mins £30

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